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These turquoise jeweled earrings from Anthropolgie just stopped me in my virtual tracks. Aren’t they positively stunning? I’m so tempted to invest — they’d surely turn heads!

P.S. I am a total ‘accessories girl’ – are you? I love clothes and all, but more often then not, I can be found in the jewelry/scarf/bag/shoe section…

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They’re beautiful! But I’m confused- how do they go through your ears? Have I been wearing all my earring upside-down or wrong for the past zillion years? Are they just upside down in the picture? If they are- could a girl just loop off the bottom half (dangly part) and turn them into a pair of pearl studs if the occasion called for it? Or could they sell just the studs and you could collect dangly parts for different looks on different days? What an idea…

lovely….and quite different! certain to look smashing with your pixie and classic features katie! i’ll bet your little puglets would love for you to have them for mother’s day!

They would be the perfect amount of sparkle paired with a little black dress. You should make the splurge, as one accessories girl to another.

Maggie — Oh my gosh, that is such a good question! Now I’m sitting here looking at them puzzled. I better figure that out before I make the splurge! xx

I’m a huge earrings girl, especially when it comes to earrings like this pair! I’m just gonna sit and stare for a few minutes…

These are gorgeous! I am the same way with the accessory section. It doesn’t help my accessory obsession being 8.5 months pregnant and not being able to fit into most clothes. All you can buy are accessories to feel fabulous!

Oh, I love! I’m crazy about turquoise right now and these are gorgeous. Accessories are always fun because you almost never have to worry about if they will fit, or going into the dressing your. Easy shopping joy!
Have a lovely weekend.

wowa! those are some beauties! I love accessories too, although I have to admit I don’t wear them much and I don’t switch it up often. boo, I know. but I am opting to wear a pair of statement earrings for my wedding day and I’m SOOOOO excited!

I have seen these earrings in person and they are NOT pretty! Not well made and very, very large. What a disappointment because the photo makes them look beautiful.

Oh, these earrings really are stunning! I love how they incorporate colour without it being too overpowering, I think it makes them much more wearable.

These are definitely head-turners….and with your adorable short hair – double WOW!

Also, just love the pics of your mom and that she and your dad are still friends! That doesn’t often happen….and they raised a lovely daughter!!

xoxo elizabeth

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