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I Met Kelly Wearstler!

Last night I had the honor of meeting decorator extraordinaire Kelly Wearstler at her Gumps San Francisco book signing.  She greeted me with “Well you look cute!” and as you might imagine, I just about died.  Best of all, Ms. Wearstler was refreshingly down to earth and kind.  She looked ultra chic in a gorgeous pair of black ankle boots and beautiful bangles stacked up her arm, but there wasn’t a trace of diva to be found.  She also signed my limited edition copy of Hue which I will treasure for always.  Thank you to Kelly and to Gumps—it was a dream come true!

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So exciting!! And how nice to know that she’s so down to earth! :)

im so jealous! how exciting. the other night i got my copy of the hours signed by michael cunningham, one of my absolute favorite authors. I’ll treasure it forever. I’d love to see your outfit for the book signing

So happy to see so many fellow Wearstler fans reading. She is such an inspiration to any budding young creative! Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend!! xx

How wonderful – I love when meeting someone I admire (from afar) exceeds expectations! I’m sure you will treasure the signed book and memory..

She signed my copy of Hue in Los Angeles just a few months ago. She wore a white shirt with huge, puffy sleeves and pin striped pants with lots of chains hanging from her pant pocket. She had to sign books quickly because she needed to board a flight. She didn’t leave until she signed everyone’s book!
When my turn was up, I completely missed what she said and gave me this blank look. She noticed I was speechless and repeated the question. “Your name?” I proceeded to mumble, Irene. Oh yes, my name. Duh.

I think I would have fainted if she had said that to me, and then probably have gotten so tongue tied I would have responded with something stupid. What an awesome evening you had!

so exciting! also funny to think that i stood next to her in the check-out line at the grocery store for quite some time, freaking out that she was KELLY WEARSTLER and wondering what her “normal” life was like, buying groceries for her kids and all… xo

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