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Emily Weinstein of The New York Times recently wrote about a flower arranging class at Brooklyn’s Little Flower School and I had great fun living vicariously through her experience.  The school emphasizes my very favorite whimsical, unruly arrangements and has an entire class on wildflowers!  The copious amounts of dahlias, english roses, peonies and scabiosa pods made my heart sing.  For step by step instructions on your own arrangement, be sure to read the article here!

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I too adore flowers and last year took a course on flower arranging. May I commend to your attention, Jane Packer’s Guide to Flower Arranging. A fabulous book filled with stunning inspiration photos. Love your blog.

Lena — We need to find a class in SF and sign-up!

Esther — Thank you! I must check out the book you mentioned. How fun that you’ve already taken a class! I’m infinitely jealous : )

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