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Emersonmade Thanksgiving


This Thanksgiving tablescape created by the lovely Emersonmade has me drooling.  Could it possibly be any sweeter?  Just look at those gorgeous, colorful flowers.  Don’t they make for the perfect, creative centerpiece?  Not to mention the linen “EAT” dinner napkins and “SIP” cocktail napkins which are a total riot.  My grandmother Rita has “EAT” mounted in big gold letters on her kitchen wall—clearly she and Emersonmade share the same dry wit.  According to Emerson the napkins, “know how to dress a table, dab pie from the blouse and dry the classic SentimentalTearsOfThanksgivingToastAfterTooMuchWine.”  Hysterical!  Buy them HERE >>>




7 replies on “Emersonmade Thanksgiving”

What a great idea! I love the mixing of the rustic with the more feminine flowers. And of course, I want those napkins. I just like how bossy they are. They remind me of my tiny Italian grandma who never lets you stop eating.

i want those napkins!! and the centerpiece is beautiful! i love how it really dresses up the table and wouldn’t be a distraction talking to the person across from you

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