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Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 13


Tah-da!  Hanna Brooks Nation’s Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet!  In case you missed it, don’t forget to check out Hanna’s Gadabout stationery and new POST iPhone app.  Some of my girlfriends sent me messages via POST yesterday and they were too cute for words!  Thanks Hanna for being our guest!  Thank you to Jane Lilly Warren, my Plucky partner, as well.  Her ridiculously charming Cheat Sheets are the highlight of my week.  More in a bit ladies… xo

13 replies on “Plucky Pioneer Cheat Sheet No. 13”

Kirby — Isn’t it? Go Jane…

Naomi — I’m right there with you!

Abbie — Aren’t they? I collect them! Wish I had that many…

GORGEOUS CHEAT SHEET………. Margot from the Royal Tennenbaums continues to be an inspiration… and net-a-porter is really the only online shop worth looking at…..

Happy Tuesday…….


Dancing Branflake — I know, doesn’t it make you want to grab drinks or dinner with Hanna! She’s such fun and has such varied interests.

Ann — I looked up the book this morning. The cover is to die for. Ordering myself a copy : )

another beautiful cheat sheet! and YES to royal tenenbaums…I haven’t seen it in so long! definitely need to rent it soon, such a cool movie! oh and love her choice of destination…sigh, can I go there now?? :)

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