Chisel & Mouse Architectural Sculptures


My fellow architecture lovers will appreciate these handsome sculptures by English company Chisel & Mouse. Founded in 2011 by brothers Robert and Gavin Paisley, the young workshop is based in the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. Their lovely renderings are made of plaster using traditional sculpting, moulding and casting techniques combined with CAD and 3D printing. The substantial finished pieces can be used as decorative accents, bookends, or can even be framed in shadowboxes for wall display. I especially admire Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Guggenheim above, but there are countless charming options to choose from. Too early to begin my Christmas list…?

From top: Guggenheim Museum (1959), Regency Town House (1820’s), Buckingham Palace (1703), Kensington Palace (1605), The News Building (1929).





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