Wedgwood Gets Hip


Did anyone else notice this darling new Wedgwood advertisement?  Clearly the historic company is courting a younger audience and I must say, I like it!  In their own words, “Wedgwood’s new Artful Life campaign cleverly pairs fashion-forward tabletop products with a young English woman in a complimentary, color-coordinated wardrobe to help inspire the imagination. Designed to help re-inspire young women to express their personal style, Wedgwood demonstrates how to mix and match your china to create a customized collection that is uniquely your own.”  Cheers to mixing and matching!

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I immediately noticed that the sweater was from Anthro and then when I looked closer the skirt is actually an anthro dress as well! Love it!!

Love it! I’m all for mixing and matching… I just went to a beautiful Italian restaurant this weekend and the dishes there were all the beloved Fiestaware in every color you can imagine. Perfection!


Love it…esp now that Faberge is going out of business, the other tried and trues need to get with the times and make sure they don’t disappear too! You need those classics around no matter how cute new lines by Kate Spade etc. become!

omg i LOVE this!! i think it’s awesome for them to be targeting younger woman.. so that by the time we are ready to buy china, we think wedgewood haha! i just went to the steamboat arabia tour in kansas city (i have lived here for 5 years but have never been, my mom came into town and convinced me to go), but anyways, some of the treasures that were found on that sunken ship were vintage wedgewood china and it was just beautiful!!!!

The girl is so cute– I love her outfit (but not the socks and shoes…).

I loved this ad the first time I spotted it, not only for its fantastic styling, but because I’ll be doing the same with my china! I’ll inherit my grandmother’s Wedgewood collection, but its very traditional pink roses pattern is a little fussy for my tastes. Instead, I decided to add kelly green chargers, shakers and serving ware to update the classic china!

I totally spotted that cardi from Anthro as well! I love that Wedgewood is revamping their look. Unfortunately, the only Wedgewood china I have in my possession are my Petter Rabbit tea set dishes that are still at my mother’s. Although technically mine, she probably won’t part with them until I have chitlins of my own. :)

I think the advertisement worked. I’m kinda feeling like I’m a Wedgewood girl. I’m in love with that outfit and the matching dishes! It’s such a smart way to appeal to a new generation.

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