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The Daily Hunt: Striped Sailor Top and More!

Striped Jersey Sailor Top

Hello, my dears! Thank you for your encouraging comments about yesterday’s post on channeling Tory Burch’s decorating style. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Today, I’ve rounded up some chic new pieces for your home and wardrobe. First up is the Striped Jersey Sailor Top above. Hope you find something you love.

Leopard Print Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress

Leopard Print Balloon Sleeve Midi Dress, $379

Double Breasted Navy Peacoat

Double Breasted Navy Peacoat, $595

Mutton Sleeve Sweater

Mutton Sleeve Sweater, $275

Cheetah Print Ballet Flats

Cheetah Print Ballet Flats, $98

Gingham Collar Casual Jacket

Gingham Collar Casual Jacket, $545

Gold Plated Customizable Bracelet

Gold Plated Customizable Bracelet, $90

Silk Botanical Scarf

Vintage Gucci Silk Botanical Scarf, $171 (on sale and I love the colors for autumn)

Ruffle Front Satin Sleeveless Top

Ruffle Front Satin Sleeveless Top, $69 (other colors available)

Python Embossed Leather Crossbody

Python Embossed Leather Crossbody, $530

Open Front Long Sweater Blazer

Open Front Long Sweater Blazer, $168 (other colors available)

Suede Pointed Toe Ballet Flats

Suede Pointed Toe Ballet Flats, $159

Black Bamboo and Leather Handbag

Black Bamboo and Leather Handbag, $429

Red, White, and Royal Blue

Red, White, and Royal Blue, $10 (this looks very entertaining)

Blue and White Striped Knotted Headband

Blue and White Striped Knotted Headband, $65 (other colors available)

White Puff Sleeve Fitted Top

White Puff Sleeve Fitted Top, $98 (other colors available)

Black with White Piping Pj Style Blouse

Black with White Piping Pj Style Blouse, $89

Windowpane Wool Tote

Windowpane Wool Tote, $129 (other colors available)

Navy Blue Chelsea Boots

Navy Blue Chelsea Boots, $170 (other colors available)

Bobble Sleeve Pom-Pom Gold Cardigan

Bobble Sleeve Gold Pom-Pom Cardigan, $48

Braided Oval Shape Placemat

Braided Oval Shape Placemat, $28

Pink Herringbone Weave Sneakers

Pink Herringbone Weave Sneakers, $59

White Button Up Collared Shirt

White Button Up Collared Shirt, $110 (other colors available)

Black Leather Tortoise Belt

Black Leather Tortoise Belt, $148

Gray Knit Crewneck Sweater

Gray Knit Crewneck Sweater, $59 (other colors available)

White and Blue Embroidered Sheet Set

White and Blue Embroidered Sheet Set, $378 (other colors available)

Leopard Print High Rise Jeans

Leopard Print High Rise Jeans, $128

Striped Button Front Tunic

Striped Button Front Tunic, $79

Hammered Antique Brass Table

Hammered Antique Brass Table, $298

Modern Utility Shirtdress

Modern Utility Shirtdress, $88 (other colors available)

White Bath Towel With Blue Banded Border

White Bath Towel With Blue Banded Border, $58 (other colors available)

Teddy Soft Boxy Coat

Teddy Soft Boxy Coat, $180 (other colors available)

Black Tortoiseshell Buckle Flats

Black Tortoiseshell Buckle Flats, $625 (other colors available)

Black Double Breasted Weave Jacket

Black Double Breasted Weave Jacket, $96

Oversized Bubble Sleeve Sweatshirt

Oversized Bubble Sleeve Sweatshirt, $69 (other colors available)

Leopard Print Slides

Leopard Print Slides, $150

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