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My jaw dropped when I saw these shots of the lovely Haley of Marais USA on the Met rooftop—I mean really, how chic is she?  The silk bra top and short ensemble is by Standard Finery and I just love how it’s sexy in a wholesome retro sort of way.  If you missed our Plucky Pioneer interview with Haley and her darling business partner Catherine, check it out here!

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Glad I’m not the only one impressed by Haley’s creative ensemble : ) And yes, her hair is fabulous too! If only we all looked this cute leaving the house each morning!

Thank you for the curly hair inspiration :) I can’t believe I’m saying it but she makes a bra top look incredibly chic and — you’re right — completely tasteful! Definitely saving these pictures for future outfit inspiration.

Haley is just too fabulous!

So proud to call her a dear dear friend.


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