Schwinn Loves Pugs

Just a cute, simple commercial that made me smile.  A charming red Schwinn and a pug pup—does life get any sweeter?

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Hi Katie –
This made me smile, also. I am going to forward it to my twin sis who had the exact bike in the video. Mine was blue. Her’s was stolen down at the Jersey shore one summer. I know she is going to love this. Thanks as always for finding the best stuff.

Stephanie — In answer to your pug pup question, I think not!

Fallon — Google 4 week pug on YouTube and they’re a funny little video of brother and sister pug pups rolling around someone’s living room floor. They’re the cutest puppies!

Diane — I’m so envious! How sad that your sister’s was stolen though… I think I want this exact model! xx

This was such a sweet way to start my Sunday. Pugs do make the cutest puppies, I remember when my guy was that small, his head was so much bigger than his little body it seemed to throw him of balance.

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