Neo-Trad of the Week

Neo-Trad of the Week


Name, Age, Location

Emily Davis, 24, Houston, Texas

[Above, from left: Emily, her brother Parker, her sister Kamille, her mother Kate…such a darling bunch!]

My cliff-note autobiography…

Recent transplant to Texas…Oklahoma girl at heart. Grateful for where life has taken me thus far and grateful for my small town upbringing. Work at a non-profit that advocates for abused and neglected children and LOVE going to work every morning trying to better the world we live in. Married to a wonderful man who is truly my best friend.

Things that make my heart flutter…

True love, a great book, crisp white wine, anything Kate Spade, sunsets, songs that bring back fond memories and all of life’s celebrations.  And fresh flowers. And diamonds.

My dream dinner party…

Who: All my family and closest friends, obviously. Throw in William Shakespeare, Lady Gaga (why not), Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, Ellen DeGeneres, and Carrie Bradshaw (not Sarah Jessica Parker- the real Carrie!)

Where: An amazing villa in the Italian countryside. On a patio overlooking a wine vineyard.

When: The most perfect cool, midsummer evening at sunset.

What: We would spend the evening sharing great stories and our hopes and dreams for the world while dining on pasta, bread, cheese and wine.

And, calories wouldn’t count.

In ten years I will be…

Back in Tulsa, living the most adorable cottage style house, renovating, decorating and running my own fine wine and cheese store. Oh and in my spare time I would like to be travelling the world, making a difference, and tickling the feet of my two (okay, maybe 3) adorable children. All while waking up every day and smiling at my wonderful husband and the life we have created.

I am neo-traditional because…

I truly believe that the best lessons we can learn come from those who came before us (thanks Momma!) I know there is no better way to say “thank you” or “I love you” than a handwritten note on gorgeous stationery and I live my life with the idea that it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.

[Below, Emily and her husband on their wedding day]


Thank you Emily!  I’m so touched you’re a fan of my little blog!  I hope we have the opportunity to meet someday! xx Katie

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Oh thanks for introducing us to Emily. What a stunning wedding shot and I must have the zebra skirt she is wearing in the first shot. You said it right the whole family is simply darling!

Fallon — I’ve never been to Tulsa, but after driving through beautiful Oklahoma on our trip west I’m dying to go back and visit. Someday!

Mackenzie — Isn’t that necklace gorgeous? Can’t go wrong with turquoise!


i went to college with her sister Kamille!…small world.

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