The Neo-Traditionalist is One!



Oh my goodness, I realized this weekend that my one-year blogging anniversary is…today!  I never would have thought when I started The Neo-Traditionalist last June it would have grown to be something so incredibly rewarding and dear to my heart.  I have met so many fantastic, creative, inspiring people as a result—you make it all worth it!  Thank you for your readership and support.  Lots to come today!  Last week was a bit chaotic, but as of this morning things are full-steam ahead!

Cheers to you my lovelies!

XX Katie


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Congratulations! Hard to believe you’ve only been doing this for one year–the blog looks wiser beyond its year!:) Glad to hear things are moving along for you guys!

Katie, happy one year anniversary of your blog! I just began reading last week, a friend of mine recommended the wonderfulness that is your blog. Needless to say, I have checked your site several times a day since then for updates! You have fabulous taste in everything from music to decor! Good luck and I hope that you have many more years of happy blogging!

Happy blog birthday! That’s exciting. You’ve created a beautiful blog.

Thanks, by the way, for stopping by Outside Oslo the other day. I totally agree with you on melon and prosciutto. Isn’t that a wonderful pairing? Just imagine it with some fresh figs and a glass of rose wine.

Happy Blog Birthday, Katie! You’ve really had a busy day today! I finally had a chance to jump on the computer and read my dailies and there you were with eight posts. You’re prolific and impressive. Love it.

Congrats girly! I think my 1 year blog birthday is coming up soon too. it’s all very exciting, this blogging thing. such an adventure!

xx Kirby

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