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Grace at the Victoria & Albert


This image of Grace Kelly that’s been floating about advertising her exhibit at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is almost too fantastic for words.  The exhibit features the actress turned princess’ gowns from Rear Window and High Society, as well as the dress she wore to accept her Oscar in 1955 and the outfit she wore to her first meeting with Prince Rainier (take notes ladies!).  It’s open until September 26 and my girlfriends in London (Miss Emma and Miss Liza are you listening?) absolutely, positively must go see it.  I expect a full report!

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Ugh! I knew I should have chosen the flight that had a layover in London. PS Watched The Young Victoria this past weekend and fell completely, head-over-heels in love with Victoria and Albert’s romance.

I love the Victoria and Albert museum. I have a Vanity Fair book which has a picture of Grace’s wedding dress and it’s fabulous! Must get to London! P.S. If you all loved The Young Victoria be sure to find the BBC Victoria and Albert. The music is beautiful and Jonathon Firth (Colin’s brother) plays Albert!

oooo I’m going to london in June- while I always go to the tate modern when I’m there, I might need to include this exhibit; I bookmarked!

AH! my heart just stopped. I’ve been thinking of london a lot lately and wantint to take a vacation. maybe it’s time to do it! I loved the V&A when i was there.

Fabulous. I will put it high on my list when I visit London in June!

The Victoria & Albert is possibly my favorite museum ever. I lived right down the street from it when I was studying in London and went there all the time. And I was lucky enough to be there when they had the Golden Age of Couture exhibition which was essentially a retrospective Christian Dior – it was completely divine.

I want. that. dress.
I can’t believe how modern and unusual it is. Grace had real style. The kind you can’t take classes in. Maybe it’s genetic. Or inspired. I’m trying to figure it out.
Brilliant, Katie! {xoxo}

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