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Jemma Lewis Marbling

I’m taking a paper marbling class in Istanbul later this month (just ordered this) and I’m so excited. Whenever I’m in Paris or Florence I buy beautiful handmade papers and last year, I discovered an amazing source in England thanks to instagram. Jemma Lewis Marbling in Wiltshire makes the loveliest marbled papers you ever did see. These Anthroplogie plates are actually one of her designs. If you share my love of marbling, be sure to check out her instagram and online shop. I splurged on a couple of her marbled ornaments for Christmas and now I wish I had enough for an entire tree. Below, explore more of Jemma’s creations.

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Best wishes for your paper marbling class in Istanbul. I live there summers on the Bosphorus (and sail the Med) and have loved the Turkish marbling for years.

Please let us know how it goes.

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