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A big announcement…

We’re moving to New York in three weeks! I can’t wait to get lost in far corners of The Met, see plays with my little brother, and establish a proper Matchbook headquarters (hip hip hooray!). I’m flying out on Sunday to find an apartment so if you know of a pug-friendly studio or one-bedroom in your building I’d love to hear (! Oh and do say hello in the comments if you’re a New Yorker — I can’t wait to meet all of you!

P.S. I’ll be publishing our current apartment in Matchbook’s upcoming August issue. I hope you like it! Leaving the San Francisco bay will be bittersweet indeed.

“When I first saw New York I was twenty, and it was summertime, and I got off a DC-7 at the old Idlewild temporary terminal in a new dress which had seemed very smart in Sacramento but seemed less smart already…” -Joan Didion

(image: Andy and Edie in front of the Empire State Building)

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Congrats!! Are you looking in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Manhattan should be no problem on Craigslist, but I found it imperative to use a broker for Brooklyn.

Good luck on Sunday!

Happy for you, Katie, but sad for the Bay Area’s loss. So glad to have met you and your boys. Bon chance!

How utterly exciting! New York City is a truly magical place, and I just know you’ll discover that in no time. If you’re ever in search of a Matchbook intern for your new Manhattan headquarters, I’m your girl!

So exciting! I’m a New Yorker who is quite jealous! I actually did the reverse and moved to the Bay Area!, which I love… but there is just something about NYC!
From being an avid follower of your blog I would like to suggest you look in the West Village for an apt. I think you would love it there! Looking forward to seeing your apartment feature and hearing all about your new adventures! =)

Congratulations Katie!

That’s so cool that you’re moving to New York. I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time there.
I’m not a New Yorker myself but I have visited there once. It is absolutely a whole other world there!! :)

I can’t wait to hear about your many exciting adventures in New York!


Cool! You’ll love it – NY takes my breath away! I moved to New York from London in March (for love) and write a blog of life between New York and London. New York is such an inspiring city and now feels like home away from home :)
Enjoy and good luck on Sunday…
PS. if you’ve time on Sunday, hop on the East River Ferry and pop over to the Brooklyn Flea. The ferry takes you right to the flea for just $5 and the market is amazing!

A native New Yorker, I recently moved from the Upper West Side to Nolita, the quaintest little neighborhood on the island of Manhattan. It has such pizzazz, but more importantly several high quality coffee joints, a Matchbook girl essential.

Congratulations on the move!
I cant wait for the August Matchbook to see your current apartment, I’m sure it is fabulous!

Welcome! I’m a native who returned a couple of months ago from the left coast. And promptly got lost at The Met ;-) and saw 3 Bway shows within a month! (thank goodness for cheap preview tix)

BTW i had to use a broker for Manhattan it was insane.

So exciting Katie!! Good luck with your apartment search. Look forward to hopefully seeing you more frequently!

How exciting! I’ve grown to feel like I know you through your writing on your site…and now I’ll get to keep an eye out for you on the streets here in the city. Welcome (back) home and best of luck! You are truly wonderful, no matter on which coast you dwell :)

Hey congratulations — we are really looking forward to welcoming you to the big time…

On another note, every time I see ANY photo of Edie (esp during the Warhol years), I can’t help but feel a bit sad, knowing how absolutely SPEEDED out she was. (And that it sort of killed her, at the end.)

Oh, yay! Well, I am biased because I have lived here 9 years, but NYC is the best (don’t tell my Southern friends and family that I said so). You will love it. My suggestions for you: the Museum of the City of New York (a oft-overlooked gem, check out the dollhouse!), the NYC Pug meetup group so you can find playmates, a bus trip to Woodbury Commons for the Kate Spade outlet (and if you want a shopping buddy I am totally in) and Buttercup Bakeshop for the the amazing peanut butter and banana cupcake.

Congrats! The city will be glad to have you. I’m a Brooklyn gal, and totally biased to the borough after being in Manhattan for 3 years… so do consider it in your apt search!

Good luck with the move.


Katie – Congrats! I’m a little envious! NYC is such a fabulous city! We are going to miss you here in San Francisco! So glad that we had a chance to meet while you were here! Exciting to be able to have an office for Matchbook. Best of luck in your new adventure! XO

Congratulations Katie! How exciting! Best of luck in your New York adventure – can’t wait to see the new Matchbook offices!

Congrats Katie! I’m just sad for the Bay Area, and am bummed that I never ran into you. New York is lucky to have you! I CANNOT WAIT to see your apartment in the August issue/the new Matchbook offices! Good luck in New York!

Manhattan suits you! Now you’ll be back in the hub of things! Curious about john’s law school? My daughter just graduated from boalt and I remember he was one year behind her. Congratulations on opening a “proper matchbook headquarters” so exciting for you! Wishing you the very best of luck! Love, Geri xo

So you are moving from one of the greatest cities in the world to another of the greatest cities in the world? Why, poor you ;-)

May I take over for you in SF? Man, I love it there. NY, been there done that, but haven’t lived in SF yet!

Congrats on the move, the Met and Central park are addictive :-)

Yay! I am yet another jealous former New Yorker (well, still legally a resident, but living abroad)… every day I wonder why I left. Enjoy every minute!

Huge congratulations! I just made the move (yesterday actually) back to NYC after a year long stint in South Beach and I could not be happier. Nothing compares to New York. So much fun headed your way!

katie, congratulations!! i am so happy for you and can’t wait to follow your adventures that await in nyc. what a fun and exciting time in life. best of luck in finding a place to hang your hat!

How exciting! Congratulations Katie and welcome to NYC! As a life long New Yorker, I can tell you that this city has an energy like no other and you’ll probably never be bored.

Congrats! I’d love to welcome you to New York when you’re settled! I’m in Brooklyn – I recommend if you’re looking around Williamsburg / Greenpoint. !

Hello from NY! This is the greatest city in the world, you’ll love living here :)

You may already have a fabulous broker who has filled you in on the RE market here, but if not, I would suggest that you keep an open mind in regards to neighborhood. I just moved in June, and at the time the vacancy rate downtown was at about .5%. Just not a lot of inventory. But there are so many great neighborhoods, so find a good broker and let them show you what’s out there! Luckily you are already moving from an incredibly expensive city so you shouldn’t have much sticker shock :)

And I would also make another push for thinking about Brooklyn. You would absolutely love Fort Greene, it is one of my favorite neighborhoods. I love Manhattan, but it just feels like everything is happening in Brooklyn.

there appears to be some Matchbook magic happening on the east coast – notetoself / Sarah moving to CT and now you to NYC.

best of luck!!

Congratulations! Such an exciting move! I live in Brooklyn and absolutely adore it. I would recommend looking in Fort Greene or Park Slope so you can be close to a park for your pups!

Good luck with the apartment hunt! I’m sure it is intense in SF as well, but you need lots of coffee and determination to find a good place in NYC. I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Lucky you! You are going to have a blast! Hey, you should email Jen over at MadebyGirl about the apartment. I bet she can tell you all the dog friendly apartments in NYC from when she looked for her apartment which was not to long ago. Good luck with your search.


Kate-So amazing-I am so Happy for you!!! New York is wonderful-You should know my friend Oliver Brown with Sotheby’s Real Estate-He may have a lead on an apartment via word of mouth. I’ll give you a shout when I come to the city! Congrats!!! XOX, John

Hey Katie! We just moved to New York as well from LA. We lived in Brooklyn before but that was before my blogging days and before my new adventure into being my own boss. Would love to connect with you and other design geeks in the city!

Congratulations! That’s so exciting.
I live in Brooklyn, and love NY! I agree that you should consider Brooklyn when apartment hunting. I love it!

Congratulations! New York City is one of my favorite places in the world and I cannot wait to get back there myself. Good luck with the apartment search… there is no market more crazy than that of NYC.

I LOVE that you are going to be in my area!!
Anything we can do to help??
What will your husband be doing?
Is he all set? (if not my hubs knows EVERYBODY in legal community). I can also ask him to check with associates re apartments. Email or DM me with budget if you like.
PS: I will be at our house in Montauk when you arrive (feel like a day or two at the beach?)
I have a little giftie for you for helping me with Bartow-Pell and now I don’t have to wait till High Point to give it to you. :D

Such an exciting move! My husband and I moved out here 2 years ago for him to go to law school and me to design, and we LOVE it. We recently moved to the Upper West Side, which I absolutely suggest looking into. We live on a beautiful, tree-lined street, only a block away from Central Park… it’s pretty magical. :) Good luck!

I’ve been a New Yorker my whole life and LOVE matchbook. I’m going into my sophomore year at UT Austin as a journalist major with a focus on digital arts and media. If you are taking interns next summer in your new offices, I would LOVE to be considered!

I’m a New Yorker, going on year 4, still so much to see- wonder if I’ll ever get tired of it… Doubtful. Excited to see what cool places you uncover with your new permanent resident status! Maybe Matchbook will host a NYC blogger/design conference? :) what fun that would be! Congrats and best of luck with move!!

what no don’t leave the west coast!!!! i have barely seen you!! would love to see you before you leave!

Welcome to New York! My husband and I have been here for about a year and a half and we’re having loving it. Love your blog and Matchbook Mag – looking forward to hearing about your NYC adventures!

Welcome to New York! Would love to have you come see my show, “Old Jews Telling Jokes!” I’m a huge fan of yours. Check out Best of luck with the apartment search!

I am a long time follower of your site and am so happy to hear you are bound for NYC. If you are interested in downtown, the buidling I am in is fabulous and VERY dog friendly–dog park less than a block away. I am a little late on this but if you have not found a place, e mail me and I can get you details. Good luck!

I recently moved to NY as well and I love it! San Francisco is also one of my favorite places! I hope you LOVE NY!!

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