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Last week in NY my little brother declared that “instagram is the new twitter” and it made me smile. Apparently he and his friends rarely tweet anymore, just share photos. I think it’s fascinating and as a very visual person myself, kind of wonderful. Last year I had breakfast with instagram co-founder Mikey and it was one of my all time favorite Matchbook interviews. He was so sweet and clearly a wee bit brilliant.

Who are your favorite instagram accounts to follow? I’m constantly “liking” the images of alice_gao, andyspade, annariflebond, annaspiro, blaireadiebee, _frommetoyou, hollisterhovey, thisisglamorous, and waynepate, among others…

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Have to admit (and I’m not kissing up!) that your Instagram account is one of my favorite to follow! I’m also a big fan of Kate Spade’s, Matchbook, Gala Darling and my sister’s (missdeveaux)…sister’s an artist and she takes lots of pictures of works-in-progress.

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