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Girl Crush: Elle Fanning

My jaw dropped when I spotted these new photos of Elle Fanning over on Amanda’s beautiful blog.  Isn’t the young actress darling?  At only 12-years-old she’s starring beside Stephen Dorff in Sofia Coppola’s new Somewhere and I am just dying to see it.  My favorite picture is the first—silly and smiling, just as a kid should be!

(via Interview Magazine)

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God I wish I was half as cool as she is at 12….I’m pretty sure I was sporting a side pony and tucking my jeans into colored socks that matched my shirt. It was the 80’s though. It was hard to make it out of that decade without some embarrassment. Thanks for the link sista! Merry Christmas! xx

does anyone else see Twiggy in these photos?! She is such a beautiful young girl! I can’t wait to see her up-coming film and see what kind of woman and actress she grows up to be

xo Kirby

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