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Un Jardin Sur Le Nil

I have long adored this “Un Jardin Sur Le Nil” tea set by Hermes.  The little lily pads are just darling and a trip to Egypt is at the top of my bucket list.  At one point I was convinced Mr. Armour and I ought to elope on a boat on the Nile, but after some research it proved a bit impractical (we don’t speak a lick of Arabic, would need two male witnesses, etc.).  Now that we’re already hitched I’ll just have to settle for this tea set (and save the voyage to Egypt for an anniversary!).

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Oh, I have the perfume with the same name from Hermes, but i had no idea there was a tea set too! It looks so nice, I’m just afraid I’d drop it or something. You can’t really afford to break a cup like that=)

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