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I’m a CM Culture Club Ambassador!

I realized this morning as I was drooling over Club Monaco’s awesome new Culture Club blog that I never told you guys—I’m one of their ambassadors!  I’m obsessed with their clothes so as you can imagine it’s a tremendous honor.  Basically I’ve been taking photos of things that inspire me (sneak peeks of my apartment and antique shops and such on my little island in the San Francisco bay) and they’ll be sharing them alongside the inspirations of some of my other favorite bloggers (such as Habitually Chic and Unabashedly Prep).  Keep your eyes peeled!

P.S. Did you know they’re selling select items of Club Monaco’s collection on ShopBop now?  I’m seriously stocking up for my Matchbook Magazine trip to New York in December!  One has to look their very best when meeting their design idols…ahhhhhhh!

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I was just looking through their blog earlier today! What a fantastic gig! So. Jealous. :)

darling, dying to know how you got involved in that! I’m a huge Club Monaco fan too – been drooling over the CM Culture Club site for days now – i would so love to know more!

I had this project in English last year, and I did a biography on Ralph Lauren, and now I’m stuck in his world, and CM is driving me crazy!! I’m very happy that you are the new Culture Club Ambassador!!!

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