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Blake or Leighton?

The photo above of Leighton Meester for Vera Wang was just released and it got me thinking — am I more a Leighton girl or a Blake girl?  Blake’s style seems a bit more streamlined and sexy while Leighton is equally sophisticated, but seemingly more girlish in her choice of dress.  Which are you — Blake or Leighton?  Serena or Blair?

(image one and two)

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I’m absolutely a Blair-in fact, my friends teased me when the series was being cast that I should audition for the part!

I’m not sure that I’m either but I would love to be like Leighton. her look I would feel more comfortable pulling off. But they are both so beautiful. if only you could combine the two for a superhero look of greatness

I’m much more like Blair [Leighton] although the guys I know would probably prefer that I were more like Serena [Blake]. :-)

i adore leighton! she’s such a doll. i’ve never been a blake lively fan, i’m not sure why. my style is much more laidback like hers, but i prefer leighton – while blair is quite the handful, leighton in real life seems quite down to earth and sweet!

Read all the books…. watch all the shows and still have no idea who I would rather be. Too hard to choose because I want to be both!!! ha

This is too funny because I think I may be partial to…Serena! I’m not one for risque clothes, but overall she’s my character of choice. Blair is so pulled together though and polished—I certainly aspire towards that!

I’m with you, Katie! I like Serena’s laid-back, bohemian vibe, but a lot of her outfits from the show are SO revealing, which really isn’t my style. If Serena were slightly more buttoned up, and Blair a little loosened up, it would be a perfect combination.

hi! love your blog :) first time comemnting. had to comment!

i used to be a blair member but now after s4, i must also admit serena is growing on me esp her hair! and she seemed to have lost even more weight! makes her looks even hotter in her clothes! :)

Serena all the way! She’s such a beauty. But honestly my personal style is a little more “downtown” than “uptown”– hence I also like Vanessa!

It seems I’m going against the grain here but I’ve always just been soo drawn to Blake Lively. I love how she mixes high and low, colours and textures, and switches up her style – going back to the basic PLAY element of fashion. I also like that this is reflected in her character too. xoxo

I don’t know how any of you are able to decide. I must admit I took a sabbatical from the show for the second and third seasons, but what I have seen of their styles has me completely torn. From one scene to the next I favor a different girl. I dream of one day being as stylish as those two actresses and their characters.

I think I’m a mixture of both. My style is prep meets bohemian with a dash of rocker. I have a huge headband collection so I guess I’m more Blair than Serena. Kind of 70/30.

Blake Lively has to die for taste.
Blair/Leighton seems so put on, I don’t think her real life looks are cohesive at all, and I’m not a fan.
(I do like me some Sebastian Stan though! although Penn’s more my type!)

Definitely Serena/Blake!! Although I admire Blair’s loveliness and polished nonchallance, I am drawn to Serena’s earthiness and boho vibe…much more my style. That said, I actually love Vanessa most of all. I find her incredibly gorgeous!

i’m prob more of a leighton, but looking at those two pics you posted i SO WISH i was a blake. hello?! they are both stunning, but that photo of blake is stunningly perfect in it’s simplicity.

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