The Beat Generation

Mr. Armour and I can’t wait to see Howl about Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation.  I just cracked up at the last line of this trailer.  Hasn’t James Franco proven to be quite fantastic?

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It’s about Allen Ginsberg and stars both James Franco and John Hamm?! Be still my heart. And yes, James Franco has indeed proven to be a fantastic actor.

this looks fantastic!! but why oh why must it come out after my trip stateside? :(
and I never said thank you for your oh so kind words my dear! you made my day :)
xoxo ashley

Lauren — John Hamm aka Donald Drapper…be still my heart is right!

Ashley — You’ll have to find it in Germany! I wish you were out here more often so we could get together and catch up. In the meantime I’ll continue to drool over your blog! xoxo

I love it. Something about those Beats (maybe it’s the cute specs?). In my particular case I’ve found having a bit of Kerouac on the shelf does nothing to hurt one’s reputation with handsome, cerebral types ; )

I am beyond excited to see this. My parents knew Ginsberg and have lived in the Village since the 50’s. I’ve always been jealous of them. Thanks for posting!

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