La Cerise Sur Le Gateau




Reason 1,000,001 why I love the French: the company la cerise sur le gâteau makes the cutest tea towels you ever did see! I absolutely adore this campaign (they didn’t hurt the bunny, right?).  Doesn’t it look like it was styled by Kate Spade‘s hip French sister…?  Très chic!

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I need some darling new tea towels! The boyfriend just moved in–first time living with a boy!–and I’m feeling rather excited about it. The urge to shop for new things is hard to resist and I’m not gonna!

Joanna — How exciting! You should treat yourself! Especially because the boy moving in often means we have to sacrifice some of our girly ways. I say buy some—he’ll learn to love them! : )

oh la la! i’m planning on printing my own napkins for our wedding and these will make for some great inspiration!

you’re the best Katie Armour!

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