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Oh my goodness…

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Rikshaw Design’s children’s clothing line officially launched today and it is very possibly the cutest stuff on earth.  I mean really, just look at that red head in her little Rikshaw bloomers!  The clothing collection includes kurtas, bloomers, sun hats, and baby sacks in Rikshaw’s colorful block printed patterns.  Plus they’ve added some new adult size bedding and boudoir and euro shams to the taj collection.  Think I can talk John into elephants???  Below, some of the Rikshaw cutie patooties modeling highlights from the collection.  If I get pregnant I’m blaming it on Catherine Fitzsimmons for giving me a severe case of baby fever!

(just kidding mom…kind of…)

Picture 85

Picture 86

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Picture 88

Congratulations Catherine!!! XO

26 replies on “Oh my goodness…”

Staley — I know!! I looooove the seahorses too. I’m making a list of all the little babies I know so I can buy them Rikshaw goodies!

Stephanie — You’ll just have to buy it for all your friends’ little ones and live vicariously through their cuteness : ) XO

Sandy — I know what you mean, it’s about time nurseries have the option of serious style! Thanks for stopping by!

I don’t have any little ones yet, but I thoroughly enjoy looking at children’s clothes and imagining how I will dress my own children one day. I esp love to sneak peaks at crew cuts!

Susie — Not fair! 22 months?! Awwwww. You must buy them a complete Rikshaw wardrobe and make us all jealous… Your wallet will forgive you (I’m so bad!).

Christina — I am so guilty of this too! It’s normal or at least that’s what I tell myself… I think the Rikshaw kurtas would look SO cute on top of some the the lil crew cuts pants and such, like the little boy with the white trousers in the pictures…so adorable…sigh.

Okay, that first little girl with the red hair and pigtails?? Cutest girl ever!!
My husband has (or I should say “had” as it’s more brown now) red hair, and I have cousins who have red hair, so a little red-head could be in my future!!!

OMG… I am out of this phase, all four of mine are older (btw. 23 and 10) but the cuteness get’s me all the time…can’t wait for grand children to spoil! Yeah!!!
Such sweet things, the clothes are nice too!


Um – I want that third shirt in my size! Sometimes fashion designers branch out with a kids’ line…do kids’ fashion designers ever expand into women’s wear? Seriously – I’d settle for Mommy and Me looks for this one…

oh my goodness does not do this justice! Adorable… Kate, sometimes I found myself thinking I’d just have kids to decorate a nursery! And now I have something else to day dream about, but I’m not sure decorating and dressing babies is reason enough to have them!! lol

I want to buy all of that stuff for my niece now! She has red hair too and would look adorable. Where do you find this stuff Kate? I love it.

Happy Weekend!

I’m sorry, are they trying to tempt me with all those cute fabric patterns? Because I’m seriously jealous that those aren’t in adult sizes. Just so very cute.

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