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The darling Kate over at Pretty Young Things posted about a new vintage-style Anthropologie swim suit and I just about died.  A quick tour of the site brought me to these three personal favorites.  Ruffles, polka dots and high waists—I’m in LOVE!!!  What do you think, would you have the guts to sport one of these darling retro suits to the pool this summer?  They’re so darn cute, I think I’d have the courage.  Move over Betty Draper, here we come!

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They’re cute, but I can’t shake the granny panty look of the second one! About 20 years ago I had a gorgeous very deep red 1920’s style Norma Kamali swimsuit that looked divine on, so maybe the retro thing would work.
Gotta love Anthro though!

aren’t you just so sweet!! i took your advice and ordered the top one for spring break!

also, ya’ll HAVE to come to columbia-i know several people in law school here and they all love it! xoxo

Kate — It would be so amazing if we moved to South Carolina! I don’t want to get my hopes up yet though. Right now I’m just praying for anywhere in the south—I’m craving warm(er) weather!

Kate, I have to tell you that I’m all kinds of happy that retro swimsuits are making a comeback. I just want to go and try a few on before I make my final decision. And that first one? Awesome, but the color wouldn’t look right on me — I’m so pale I’d probably look like I was running around naked in that one.

Brandi—You make me laugh! I too fear I would look naked in the first, but I love it so! Though I’m brunette both my mother and little brother are red heads—we’re quite a fair skinned bunch. XOXO

I really love the retro suit look – especially because there are certain parts of my *ahem* lower stomach that don’t look too grand after having 3 babies (2 cesarean)

I like the ones offered at Lands End Canvas right now, they are very affordable though not quite as retro as these ones.

Stacie—No need to explain, I’m a fan of the lower tummy cover up and I haven’t had any children yet! Headed over to check out the Lands End Canvas collection now… XOXO

Man you are KILLING ME with all the amazing suits you’ve been posting lately! You’ve got my itching for my (soon to be) new one for summer and totally anticipating spring like its my job!!

I’ve never tried one on so I’m not sure if they’d suit be, but I’m all for being able to hide my full belly! No I haven’t had kids I just have a pot :)

I absolutely love the black & white one. Good job on finding these bikinis, they would work perfectly for me because I have a mommy pouch that I can’t seem to quite get rid of since I had my daughter. I think this would be flattering. Thanks for sharing!

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