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Insta-Crush: @geosaumarezsmith

I know, I should probably rename this “insta-crush” series to Anglo-crush. My lastest love? The instagram account of classical architect George Suamarez Smith. From his handsome home in Bath, England to his travels around the globe, the accomplished architect’s eye for design is hard to beat. I’m constantly saving George’s photos for interior and travel inspiration (dreaming of visiting the Palladian Bridge in Prior Park below!). He also shares some of his exquisite architectural drawings which I would die to frame on my wall (the composite capital!). Like what you see? Follow George’s adventures here.

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Do you know what fabric is on those gorgeous oversized cushions on the sofa in the ninth photo?

Wonderful post. I also am a fan of GSS. I have to ask: is your middle name a family name? It is a very old family name of ours, and also my daughter’s middle name. She was mortified, thinking we had named her after a tamed boar, a family pet. That is until we went to a family reunion in Wilson, NY, which my mother’s family settled many generations ago. When my daughter was introduced, they breathed, “Ohhhhh, she’s an Armour!” and showed her the parks, streets and cemetery, filled with revered ancestors, also Armours. She never complained, after that.

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